The Mad Ones

Episode 168 - Why Gary Why with Jody Plauché [Adult Content]


Jody Plauché was kidnapped by his karate teacher, flown to California, and sexually abused by his captor. Thank God, he was found and made it home.

But the abuse didn't begin when he was kidnapped. It began a year before. There was grooming, trust-building, and rape.

After Jody got home from California, his captor was led, in handcuffs, past news cameras by police. As his captor was walked past a payphone bank, a man in a hat and sunglasses turned around and shot the abuser, killing him on the spot.

Jody's father, Gary Plauché, had taken the law into his own hands and killed his son's abuser.

Join us as we talk about the reality of being abused, your father being the hero that killed your abuser, and healing after such trauma.


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